7 Things You Need (But Won’t Know Until You Need Them)

velvet hangers - things you need in your dorm room

It’s finally happening – you’re moving into your first place! Congratulations are in order! We’re sure you already have the basics (you know, a bed, a tv, WiFi,) but there are a few things you need that won’t come to mind until you need them. Take a look at these 7 things you need when living on your own for the first time (but won’t know until you need them).

1. Step garbage can

stainless steel garbage can

Orca 12L Round Step Garbage Can, $39.99

You won’t realize you need a garbage can until the moment you go to throw something in the garbage. We love the sleek and modern look of this garbage can, and it has a fingerprint resistant stainless steel exterior. But the best part is the step design which makes it ~hands free~!

2. Space-saving laundry basket

grey and white collapsible laundry basket

Pop N Fold Space Saving Laundry Basket, $19.99

Another thing you’ll need  but won’t know until you really need it is a laundry basket. Believe us, you’ll try carrying your laundry once before you get fed up with all the falling clothes. This is one of our favourite laundry baskets because it neatly collapses for easy storage.

3. Toilet brush & plunger

things you need grey toilet brush and plunger

Idesign Alto Toilet Brush and Plunger Caddy, $23.99

You’ve seen it happen in the movies but you hope it never happens to you. Grab one of these bad boys before you need it to help avoid any accidental bathroom mishaps. Plus, the sleek design helps the brush and plunger blend into your bathroom décor.

4. Silicone oven mitts

navy blue silicone oven mitts things you need

Luxe Lined Silicone Oven Mitt, $19.99

Picture it: you’ve made your first home-cooked meal all by yourself. You pre-heated the oven, whipped up the dish, baked, and now it’s ready to take out of the oven. But you can’t take it out because you don’t have oven mitts! And now your proud homemade meal is getting burned because you’re waiting for the oven to cool down. Protect your hands from hot pots and pans with a pair of thick, silicone, heat-resistant and non-slip oven mitts. They come in tons of colours to choose from, too.

5. A must-have coffee machine

things you need black nespresso inissia espresso maker beside an espresso

Nespresso by De’Longhi Inissia Espresso Maker (Black)

This should already be on your must-have list, but in case it isn’t yet, you’ll probably realize how badly you need an espresso machine within 24 hours of living on your own. We adore this Nespresso machine because it brews a mean cup of delicious espresso quickly and so easily. On top of all that, until September 12 and just in time for back to school, save on Nespresso Inissia machines, plus receive $20 of Nespresso coffee!


6. Velvet flocked hangers

grey velvet hangers with clothes

Velvet Flocked Hanger – Set of 10, $6.99

Don’t wait until your clothes are a pile of crumpled fabric on your closet floor. These velvet flocked hangers help keep your closet neat and tidy while saving space. The velvet fabric preserves the shape of fabrics and means your clothes won’t be slipping off all the time. Plus, the built-in notches are perfect for hanging sleeveless items that come with built-in loops for hanging or dresses with straps. Shown in grey here, these hangers also come in black, ivory or turquoise blue.

7. Shower tote

white soft grip shower tote with shower essentials

Made Smart Bath Tidy Soft Grip Tote, $19.99

If you live with roommates, a shower tote is one of the things you need to make sure you never forget your loofa in your room again. This shower tote features two compartments, raised feet, and a soft-grip handle for easy carrying and holes for water drainage.

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