Trendspotting: Everyone’s Loving Inflatable Chairs For Summer

people smiling on inflatable chair

Spending time outdoors is one of the best parts of summer and inflatable chairs make it so much easier to relax anywhere you go.

Meet: The Air-O

Have you ever been on a beach, at a festival, or a park and really wished you had a comfortable place to sit and relax? But what choices are there: either sit on an uncomfortable (and likely hard) bench or carry a portable chair around with you all day, only adding to your list of things to carry. Now you can have the best of both worlds with a self-inflating lounger!

We are totally obsessed with our new Air-O inflating chairs, and it turns out, we’re not alone. We rounded up our favourite ways people are sharing how fun and easy it is to take inflatable chairs with you all summer.

Run like the wind

filling up the air o inflatable chair

Just open up the bag and let the wind do the rest. It only takes a few seconds to fill up your chair.

Easily roll it up

tie up air o inflatable chair

Video & photo: The Glamp Guru

Full style points to this person for showing us how easy it is to roll up the chair, and basically turning it into a dance.

Lay back and chill

relax in the inflatable chair

Once your Air-O chair is inflated and tied up, the chair stays inflated for hours so you can hang out and enjoy your day.

Hang out with friends anywhere you go

hang out with friends

This is such an easy, affordable way to turn any location into a fun spot to relax with friends. Since it’s so quick to set up, you can be enjoying the sun for hours. Once you’re done, simply roll it back up to take home again.

Easy for kids to use, too

child fills up air o inflatable chair

Our Air-O chairs are great for kids. They’ll have fun filling them up, and it makes for much comfier seating on day trips or camping.

Don’t try this at home 😂

not recommended - fill up with car

This person must have *really* not wanted to run!

That relaxing summertime feeling

relaxing in air-o chair

We hope your inflatable chair keeps you in dancing spirits all summer.

Our Air-O chairs come in grey, blue, purple and red and are on sale now for $47.99 each*! Limited quantities remain, so choose your favourite colour in-store now, or shop online with us at

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